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What is "Christian" counseling?

In a nutshell, Christian counseling seeks to integrate proven psychological principles with Biblical truths. Sometimes people prefer a Christian counselor because they fear that therapy otherwise may be contrary to scripture, or that the process may move them away from their beliefs.  Others do so in order to improve their emotional health by incorporating their spiritual beliefs into the process.

What if I am not a Christian?

Professional therapy occurs within your frame of reference, not mine. In other words, you will determine the degree to which Christian principles will be part of your therapy, if at all.

Does that mean you counsel people of other faiths?


So, you won't try to convert me or in any manner criticize my beliefs?
I will not.  Counseling is not evangelism. It would be inappropriate for me to proselytize or in any way deliberately attempt to persuade you away from your spiritual beliefs.

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